Humanity prevails amidst the pandemic

Humanity prevails amidst the pandemic

‘The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.’ C.C. Scott
The above quote holds absolutely true‘The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.’ C.C. Scott

‘The human spirit is stronger than anything that can happen to it.’ C.C. Scott

The above quote holds absolutely true in today’s scenario. The pandemic that has dawned upon us has changed the way we live and perceive things. The world has witnessed unprecedented changes across various sectors.

In these challenging times when all of us are navigating through turbulent seas, there are warriors to guide us. And there is only one thing that remains unscathed through this global pandemic – their spirit.

Many essential service providers have come forward selflessly to help people through these difficult times. This includes AGS Group’s field-staff. Since the nationwide lockdown was imposed on 23rd March, 2020 AGS heroes have been stepping out every day to serve the nation.

Stay informed
Over time, scams have evolved. Cybercriminals are now taking advantage of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as the confusion arising due to changes in the regulations. Therefore, always check communication received from your banks thoroughly and connect with your bank to understand the implications of such regulatory or other changes in the industry. In India, RBI, NPCI, Mastercard & Visa take various initiatives to provide a secure framework for payments.

AGSTTL has always been at the forefront of automating and digitising the Banking, Retail, Fuel, Transit & Colour sectors. The company has over 342,000 customer touchpoints and its operations span across 2200 cities & towns in India. A best-in-class manufacturing & warehouse facility, dedicated customer support, software lab & testing & repair centres in addition to the 33 branch offices, is a part of the company’s expansive infrastructure which distinguishes it from others.

AGS is also accredited with various industry first initiatives like on-boarding three women cash custodians in the male dominating cash logistics sector, who have been replenishing cash at ATMs in Jammu & Kashmir region including Kargil.

During the nationwide lockdown, AGSTTL with support from its partner banks was able to ensure minimum disruption in the financial services being provided to them. For instance, AGS stationed mobile ATMs across 20 cities and towns, especially in areas where public movement was restricted. Additionally, ATM machines were examined & sanitised frequently. Thanks to our technical staff, 24×7 customer support team and service engineers, technical glitches were fixed in no time.

Retail sector’s existing business models have had major hit during the pandemic; maintaining social distance being the major challenge. Through our brand ONGO & its digital business solutions, many merchants have come under the ambit of digital India. These merchants encouraged contactless payments to curb the spread of the virus by the means of card-based and card-less transactions including PoS machines. Contactless Fuelling is now being encouraged through Fastlane which enables users, individual and fleet owners, to pre-set the fuelling amount before even reaching the fuel outlet, then fuel up and drive out without having to interact with attendant or wait to pay.

While close to 50% of AGS staff – the Hero staff comprising of field engineers, technicians, cash custodians/ATM officers and drivers/gunmen, continues to be on-field, our support functions like HR, IT, Information Security and Technology teams provide the necessary backend support to ensure uninterrupted services by working remotely. The HR team, for instance, has incentivized these heroes and completed the appraisal process for all colleagues as well in these challenging times. Similarly, to blur the lines between physical and digital workplace, the IT & InfoSec team has provided VPN access to teams for seamless operations.
The synchronised efforts of the business and support teams have enabled AGS to sustain activities of Banking, Petroleum and Retail sectors seamlessly.
We salute them & the selfless service of all essential service provides for upholding humanity in the true sense.


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